‘The Twenty-Ninth Day,’ surviving a grizzly bear attack

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“The Twenty-Ninth Day” recounts the true story of how author Alex Messenger survived a grizzly bear attack. “I was 17 years old. 29 days into a 42 day white water canoe trip up in Northern Canada, I walked up one side of the ridge, and I didn’t realize the 600 lbs. grizzly bear was walking up the other side,” Alex tells The Lift.

“It went from a once in a lifetime trip to very nearly being the last.”

Alex says that he always wanted to write a book, and once he survived the bear attack he knew he needed to turn it into a book.

“I’ve gotten really good feedback. I’ve been really happy to hear that one of my goals has played out. People come to me and they say, ‘This inspired me to get outside and go out on adventures.’ It’s a little bit counterintuitive.” Even after the attack, Alex has not given up camping and the outdoors.

You can find the book where ever books are sold. However, Alex encourages you to pick one up from a small, local bookstore.