The power of a plan for your health

Having a daily plan for your health makes it much easier to achieve your goals. Jaime Jensen with Progress Over Perfection says it only takes 5-10 minutes in the mornings to set yourself up to have a good day.

“Making a plan every day just gives you comfort and peace in the chaos,” Jensen said. “It shows you what you have to control in your life when you feel like you have nothing to control.”

She uses a simple daily planner she got on Amazon. When she’s having her morning coffee, she makes her plan.

“I just like to write down what I am going to have every breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks,” Jensen said. “When I have that plan, it just reassures your brain, gives you the certainty that I can control these things. I can’t control the traffic or the flooding, but I can control what I’m going to have today.”

Along with food choices, she also writes down goals and tasks. And if she has time, she does a little journaling.