The Midwest Book Queen’s tips to read more in 2023

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Emily Fletcher, known as @midwestbookqueen on Instagram, has a few tips for people who want to read more in 2023.

  1. Sign up for a library card: “I think the library is an incredibly underrated resource in our community, especially in the Duluth community because it’s fine-free,” Fletcher said. “So I love the library because you can read really broadly without having that financial commitment of having to purchase books.”
  2. Set a timer: “It’s just like any other habit that you want to form. You have to start small. You can’t run a marathon; you have to walk before you run. If it’s something you want to incorporate into your routine, I usually recommend setting a timer. The time is up to you, whether that’s 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 20, 30, whatever you think that you can handle.”
  3. Read what you love: “I think there is a time and place to read the bestsellers and the hot new books and some of those classics and things. But like if romance books make your heart sing, just read romance books. Or if you want to read domestic thrillers over and over again, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just read what you actually like to read, and I think that really changes how you feel about reading too.”