Teaching cultural competency at home

Teaching cultural competency at home

Jebeh Edmunds stopped by The Lift to talk about her three C's of Cultural Competency.

Jebeh Edmunds has a passion for offering multicultural educational resources to promote positive change.

She does that through her own consulting small business, Jebeh Consulting Company.

“As humans, we’re naturally curious,” Edmunds said. “But finding the resources out there that’s vetted, that’s written in perspective of other people of color and different cultural groups really helps answer those questions.”

Her resources are great for schools and workplaces, but they can also be applied at home. Edmunds says to start with the three C’s:

  1. Check: “Check your understanding of other cultures. We have so many stereotypes that we grew up learning from adults in our lives, but checking and thinking about does that make sense? Is that something that I would ask my best friend?”
  2. Correct: “To correct those stereotypes is to have those authentic conversations with people closest to you and also go outside of your bubble of people that are around you. Get to know people that don’t look like you, think like you, and believe like you, and that will help you correct those stereotypes that you had already.”
  3. Connect: “Having those authentic connections with people that are outside of your space. We have a wonderful Northland BIPOC business directory, and you can definitely patronize those businesses. Connecting with your neighbors that goes deeper than just saying hello while you’re walking your dog in your neighborhood.”