‘Stop Stalling:’ Tips to beat procrastination

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A Lake Superior College professor has published a book with tips for young adults and college students to quit procrastinating.

“Stop Stalling” is chock-full of practical advice for students. Jane Worley said it was inspired by her own son.

“‘Stop Stalling is written for students in college or going to college who might have trouble with getting things done, lots of time management issues, procrastination problems,” Worley said.

She says procrastination is perfectly natural some of the time, but it becomes a problem when it’s happening all the time. She says it’s important to remember there is a big difference between motivation and discipline.

“One of the reasons we don’t get things done or we feel uninspired is we’re waiting for the motivation to strike us,” Worley said. “And it doesn’t always strike before you do the thing. So sometimes, you just have to jump in and do it, and that motivation will show up along the way.”

Worley suggests setting goals or even a timer to help you get yourself going.

You can buy it on Amazon and elsewhere.