Sticking to a budget during the holiday season

Sticking to your holiday budget

Michelle Buria gives some helpful tips to stay on budget.

Sometimes shopping for the holidays can really take a toll on your wallet. Well Michelle Buria has three tips to help us stick to a budget, but still have fun shopping for the ones we love.

TIP 1: Financial expert Michelle Buria suggests making a give this year to save money. Sometimes the most sentimental gifts are the best gifts to receive. Especially if they are made by a loved one.

TIP 2: Drawing names out of a hat can also be a good system for gifts. Michelle says that way everyone can give and receive a gift while also not breaking the bank shopping for everyone at the event.

TIP 3: Is using rewards from the stores that you shop at. Double check your email or your credit card t make sure there aren’t points laying around. Putting those to use might actually save you a couple bucks. It could be very helpful especially if the people you are shopping for shop at some of the same stores as you.