Starting seeds with the Duluth Community Garden Program

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Haley Diem, the Community Coordinator of the Duluth Community Garden Program, says that now is the time to start your seeds.

“If you’re starting seeds inside most variety of seeds (the guideline is) 4-6 weeks after the last frost. So we’re at the perfect timeframe to get them out by memorial day,” Haley explains.

The Duluth Community Garden program manages 21 gardens across the city. They’re working on making it 22.

“That’s our main goal to provide land. We also provide tools. Members can rent tools. And also education, so a large part of what I do is the vegetable of the year.”

2023’s vegetable of the year is Collard Greens. “They’re a really great crop that’s suited to cool, cold, wet climates. So they’re in the cabbage family, and they’re actually the same species as broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cabbage.”

Haley tells us that we can start them now, and pick up free collard green seeds at any of the DCGP’s future events.

“When it’s time for the frost in the fall- they actually get sweeter.”

The vegetable of the year is part of programing called One Vegetable, One Community. DCGP gives second graders across the district a hands-on, experiential lesson.

“We donate collard greens for them to taste. And we’re partnering with Health Equity Northland, which is an African Heritage program. They’ll be teaching a cultural component to the lesson.”