Stargazing at Split Rock Lighthouse

Split Rock Lighthouse is a special place to stargaze, and people are invited onto the grounds after hours to experience it for themselves.

“I get the luxury of seeing that all the time,” Split Rock Keeper Hayes Scriven said. “But a lot of people don’t because we close the site down. And this is a way for people to see the lighthouse in the dark with all the stars out there and get to take it in.”

Partnering with UMD’s Marshall W. Alworth Planetarium, the Tuesday night event includes a documentary showing, digital sky tours, and the opportunity to peer through a telescope.

The documentary is called “Northern Nights, Starry Skies” by Travis Novitsky.

“It’s a pretty dark space,” Scriven said. “We can see light pollution from Two Harbors and Duluth and Silver Bay, but it’s not bad. So it doesn’t was out the sky like it kind of does here in Duluth.”

It goes from 8-11 p.m. Tuesday at Split Rock Lighthouse. The event is free, but people can register online in advance.