Small Business Week: Kunnari’s Kitchen

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Kunnari’s Kitchen is a family-owned restaurant, coffeehouse and store in Virginia.

They’re proud to drive directly to local farms to source produce and feature many handmade items in the gift shop.

“We got our start in strawberries back in 1989, my mom and dad. They have seven kids,” Rosie Kunnari said.

In 2005, they bought land and set up a farmer’s market. In 2012, after a fire, they decided to go big and open a restaurant and gift shop.

Kunnari highlighted a few of their baked goods, like cardamom bread, as well as a few gnomes and other gift items people can find in the shop leading up to the holidays.

“It’s like a Christmas wonderland up there right now, so it’s really fun,” Kunnari said.

Kunnari’s is open Monday through Saturday.