SJ Nielsen captures moments through sketches

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If you live in Duluth, you’ve likely seen Sam Nielsen’s work around town or maybe online where she goes by @sj_nielsen. She’s a watercolor artist and urban sketcher.

“I use ink and watercolor to create paintings focused on a lot of North Shore scenery. Sometimes I turn that work into stickers, pins, and puzzles and all sorts of products.”

Sam went to college for art education, “Sometime after, I discovered the world of urban sketching and kind of just fell in love with a travel sketchbook and bringing watercolor and ink along with me. And just capturing different moments in my life.”

Sam sketches on location, saying that it can be anything that catches her eye. “Sometimes the most mundane things are the most enticing.”

Last Summer, decided to try tiny paintings. “I discovered the palette on social media, and it’s so easy to to bring with me especially during this stage in life.”

Most of these take around 15 minutes for the artist to complete. She sketched a lovely version of The Lift’s monitor during the show.

The best way to connect with Sam is on Instagram or through her website. Many local shops have Sam’s work including North and Shore, Duluth Pack, Hucklebeary, and more.

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