Sharon McMahon offers ways to support educators

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Sharon McMahon is more commonly know as @SharonSaysSo. Nearly two years ago WDIO reported she had 50,000 Instagram followers. Now Sharon has over a million.

As America’s government teacher, she tells us that it’s important to support educators, especially right now, “Teaching is the foundation of everything in a community. If you don’t have quality schools, then you run into issues like economic development.” Sharon says there aren’t enough teachers entering and staying in the profession.

If you’re a parent, your support for your child’s teacher can go a long way. If you can’t afford to send a gift card to offset school costs, sometimes a note or email can help lift educators up. Writing two sentences is enough to change a teachers day.

Even for those of us who don’t have a student, we can still support educators. In your life and online, make sure you use language that is supportive of teachers. It can even be as simple as voting for candidates that support education.

Sharon and her supporters have raised over a million dollars to give out in teacher grants.

Sharon’s fame has taken her to the White House this week. Although she didn’t expect it, she met both the president and vice president, saying it was probably a once time in lifetime opportunity. Sharon says, “If I did get to me him. It would probably be a quick handshake. But know he sat and chatted with us for probably fifteen twenty minutes”