Scholarships at Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation

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Scholarships are a great way to pay for tuition at college, and not many students put in the time and effort for the applications. Applications opened for more than $800-thousand dollars worth of scholarships. These are from the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation.

The non-profit organization want to support students going to colleges, universities, trade schools, certificate programs, and more. Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation provide scholarships and grants that finance good work in the region. The organization is dedicated to help further education of people of all ages and leadership on important community issues.

Amber Burns, a community impact specialist, explained how scholarships are available to everyone. “All you have to do is apply and you will get these scholarships because again, you have a huge chance in this area to receive funding to pay for your entire school.” Burns said.

Burns also said the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation have over 80 different scholarships available. Applications are available to be submitted beginning Thursday, Dec. 1st. Burns explained that taking out student loans doesn’t have to be an option to continue an education.

Student loans can take decades to pay back, because of interest payments. However, Burns explained that scholarships are free money. “You never have to pay that back. So it is so impactful for these students when they’re thinking about their futures and their careers and how to afford them.” Burns said.

When asked why do many students decide not to fill out the application, Burns said it was from lack of motivation. Many students feel like they won’t get the scholarship, and have to resort to taking out loans, compared to applying. “Tt really can make a huge difference and it takes a little bit of work. But I would say, for four hours filling out an application versus a lifetime worth of paying back debt, I think it’s kind of worth it.” Burns said.

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