Sap to syrup: Forest History Center taps trees

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Saturday at the Forest History Center in Grand Rapids Center, there was a celebration of music, maple syrup, and phenology.

“Phenology is the rhythmic biological nature of things as they relate to climate,” Forest History Center Program Supervisor John Beltman said. “And that’s a big way of of talking about keeping records of seasonal changes. Maple syruping is an indicator because, you know, it is a seasonal change. It starts out even before the snow is gone.”

Beltman said sap is slow to start running this year. Kids and families helped tap 24 maple trees at the Forest History Center.

“Knowing that maple syrup comes from the forest, knowing what kinds of wood come from the forests being able to identify different trees, knowing about the history of what’s going on before us here in the forest, we just hope that people come and have a good time here out in the woods,” Beltman said. “That’s one of our things we focus on year round.”

Learn more about the Forest History Center here.