Rethinking your career with Nikki

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We’ve all seen the “Great Resignation” unfold over the last few years and many are rethinking their careers- as well as where and how they work. Nikki Karnowski of Metamorphosis stopped by The Lift to helped us better understand ourselves. She tell that she has a lot of coaching clients these days that are looking to redefine what they do — and to do work they feel empowered and passionate about.

To do this we should look at our values. his includes what motivates us, gives our lives meaning, and helps us to live with direction and purpose.

Below you will find a pdf of the cards Nikki shows us during The Lift. Sorting through these cards will help you find your values, and then you can start explore what careers are available.

Her biggest piece of advice is to not let fear hold you back. She has three tips to avoid this:

  1. Don’t let fear hold you back
  2. Make sure you are running to something, rather than away
  3. Leave your current job on a good note