Raven the dog is okay; her family is thankful

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Duluth couple Scott and Marianne Mabusth were just five minutes into their hike at the Palisade Head near Silver Bay when their dog raven had fallen through her full-body harness into a crevice the rock.

“She’s put her front paws over, and I look back, she suddenly didn’t make her back hind in and she slid down inside,” Scott recalls.

The Lake County Sherriff’s office estimates the 13-year-old pup was stuck between the rocks about 15 feet down for over two hours.

But a group of strangers sprang into action.

“It was it was like in surreal, the way everybody just came together as you know, and everyone had different scenarios and how we could make things work. ”

They used a bag, two by fours, and a scooper… anything. But it ended up being a slip knot, which they used to hook the dogs legs when she was upside down.

They are still overwhelmed by the event, “Marianne and myself are still blown away by the compassion and genuine concerns by total strangers. We tried to thank everyone personally, but they did their jobs. They continued like it was just another day.”

Raven was sore for a few days, but she has since bounced back.

They also credit the climbers, Jacob and Michael, as being instrumental in the save.

They’re working to gift the Lake County Rescue Squad hammocks with Raven’s name. They say one could have helped Raven that day, and they want the same for other animals or children who could end up in the situation.

Marianne added, “She’s family. I’ve never owned a dog my entire life. My son brought her home. It’s a barn dog. And she runs Scott’s and my house.”