Pressure free, home birthday parties for kids

Andrea Jang of Duluth Mom is an advocate for the at-home birthday party. She explains, “Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration, but I think it has moms feeling like they’re not good enough sometimes.”

She suggests keeping it simple and themed with the kid’s interests.

Plus, if you have it home you don’t have to haul the presents anywhere. You don’t have to worry about cancellations or sicknesses. You don’t have to lose a deposit.

Finding a baker can be a challenge, but Andrea suggests skipping the professional and go right for the box mix. This will also allow you accommodate certain dietary needs

Andrea also explains some moms are having trouble getting people to RSVP, “I’ve heard that post-pandemic. I’ve heard moms wondering if people are going to show, but instead of worrying about that and your kid feeling left out, have a couple close friends in mind and pick a date that works for them.” Then comes the mass invites like daycare or classroom.

“At least you’ll know your kiddo will have their two best friends.”

Andrea also notes that Duluth does not have a part of balloons store. Instead buy balloons and stands. You can even command hook them up. Then if you put them on sticks you can send them home with kids as part of their party favor.