Picking art to brighten your home and office

Picking art to brighten your home and office

Creativity Coach Molly Ovenden gives tips for brightening up your home or office space.

Art can brighten and individualize a home or office space. Creativity coach and artist Molly Ovenden has a few tips for picking the right piece for your space.

First, she suggests considering whether you want an original or commissioned piece of art.

“If you’re thinking about an original piece of artwork, to know that that might be a higher price point. So to bear in mind that as artists, we deserve to be paid well for the work that we do,” Ovenden said. “And so sometimes that may mean saving up for a piece, and that may mean purchasing a print in the meantime.”

The next step is to consider your space.

“Each painting needs to breathe,” Ovenden said. “Sometimes they can go in trios, sometimes they need to be on their own. But there’s a certain feel. And so knowing the size of space that you have to work with, literally taking measurements.”

Finally, she recommends considering other items in the room you’re decorating.

“Maybe you want something to go above your mantelpiece, above your fireplace, but you have seasonal decor that you switch out. That’s something to keep in mind. Is that going to work?” Ovenden said.

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