Pabu the Pallas Cat is the “original grumpy cat”

In Otter News: Pabu, the pallas cat

Pabu, the pallas cat is at the Lake Superior Zoo in Duluth.

Lake Superior Zoo’s Pabu the Pallas Cat is not a domesticated cat even though he looks like it.

Lead keeper Emily Perala notes that one of his defining features is his ‘grumpy’ looking face. She tells us, “It’s just their faces are structured differently than a lot of the cats we’re used to seeing. They do have kind of a fun personality too. Very sneaky.”

These cats are from Central Asia, parts of Mongolia, Russia, China, and Afghanistan- overall, places that are all cold.

Emily also explains, “They have really small ears, as you can see. They’re positioned on the side of their head, more than on the top of their head. That’s because it’s so rocky where they’re found. There’s not a whole lot to hide behind.”