Tips from Duluth Mom to make it out the door quickly

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Getting out the door is always the hardest part of the morning. Even if the wake up goes smoothly and the kids are ready for the day early, it’s inevitable that when “okay, it’s time to go. Get your shoes on!” is said, all chaos breaks loose.

Andrea Jang of the Duluth Mom says there are three things to keep by the door to make your departure a little easier: socks, snacks, and hooks. 


Keep a small container next to the shoes with folded socks in it. For households with multiple children, you’ll have to keep the socks sorted by foot size. Having different shelves, carts, and baskets can help. If you’re going back to school with a mask, it is important to keep them by the door and sort by size. 


Keep school snack options by the door. The kids will know their limits and their
options. They won’t be digging in the cupboard or hanging in the fridge taking forever to make
decisions and then end up picking something that isn’t appropriate for school or safe for the
classroom, like peanut butter M&M’s. This can help any feelings anxiousness – since they know what they will have for a snack later in the day. Additionally they will feel a sense of confidence having the responsibility of making a decision for themselves.

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Place designated hooks near the door for backpacks and lunch boxes. Make sure they are at heights that kids can reach. Command hooks can work, just check the weight limits.