Nutrition preps 6 weeks out from Grandma’s Marathon

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We’re about 6 weeks out from Grandma’s Marathon, and as Dietitian Alex Larson tells runners now is the time to refine nutrition and hydration strategies for race day.

Over the next few weeks, runners will have their final long runs. It’s an essential time to practice exactly how you’re going to fuel and hydrate during race day.

For long runs, do carb loads the day prior. Alex often suggest 450 – 600 grams of carbs, which is set to make a huge difference in the final miles of a marathon.

For workouts and races that are longer than 2-1/2 hours, which is most marathon runners, Alexx says you’ll need anywhere from 60-90 grams of carbs/hour. “If you haven’t been fueling with this much, work on increasing your fueling over these next 6 weeks and try to acclimate your stomach to taking in fuel at a higher rate.”

“If you’re planning on using fuel that is offered at the aid stations – try it in advance. Pure maple syrup gel packets have traditionally been offered at certain stations as well as some fresh fruit. These items can help supplement your fueling so you don’t have to carry as much on you during the race. They will have water and Powerade.”

Alex adds that now is not the time to be dieting. Trying to lose a pound or two can end up backfiring, even leading to injury and illness.