Nurturing our relationships

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In honor of Valentine’s Day, Stacy Crawford of Klear Water Coaching and Wellness shares some of the ways we can nurture our relations- and not just ones with our partners.

Tip No. 1: Show appreciation for the small things

Stacy reminds us that thank you-s goes a long way: “Especially when we’re with our partners, families, and friends, we sometimes take things for granted.”

Tip No. 2: Loved ones are partners or team members not competitors or problems to be solved

“Winning” arguments doesn’t lead to stable long-term relationships. “When we’re partners, family members, and friends- we’re all on the same team. Apologies are important and not apologizing builds resentment over time.

Tip No. 3: Lean into differences or disagreements with curiosity

Sometimes we have a tendency to create our own stories that may or may not be true about what others think or say. To that Stacy says, “We love these people. We’ve chosen these people to be in our lives Can we meet them and assume best intentions? It doesn’t mean we have to agree?

Tip No. 4: Respond to “bids for attention”

Being human is wanting to be seen, heard, and acknowledged. “If you turn a person away, then maybe you’re going to hurt their feelings.”

Tip No. 5: Our loved ones are not mind readers

“Again it’s that internal story- where we create what happened.” Checking in and communicating with your loved ones is the way to go.