A guide for navigating adversity

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Stacy Crawford, owner of Klear Water Coaching and Wellness, is no stranger to adversity. Her son Mason Branstrator was paralyzed from the waist down in a skiing accident in 2021. She says her son has taught her a lot about navigating adversity. “As parents I think we spend a lot of time trying to avoid adversity and challenges with our kids instead of teaching them how to navigate,” Stacy tells us. “I think it (adversity) is given in what we all experience… But when we go through hard times, we understand the joy.” This includes even the simplest of things,

She says his spinal cord has completely altered Mason’s perspective and mission in life, “He was already going to do great things, but it’s really true for all of us that adversity gives us an opportunity to sort of reset.”

Stacy has five ways that we can begin to navigate adversity in our own lives.

Tip No. 1: Embrace the fact we all will experience challenges.

Stacy tells us that it happens, and it’s something we have to learn to embrace. The next question is how are we going to prepare and have some tools.

Tip No. 2: Resilient people point to gratitude

Gratitude is a huge part of navigating adversity. “When you talk about how people have found there way and made sense of what has happened in their lives. They always point to gratitude,” Stacy says in her own life that she is thankful for Mason’s mobility- and that he is still with her family.

Tip No. 3: Have grace for yourself and other.

We should try show ourselves the same that we show others. “Give yourself some love,” Stacy recommends.

Tip No. 4: Listen deeply, don’t try to fix or give advice

We’re going to have to practice actively listening. We do this by showing we’re engaged and making eye contact. Being present is more worthwhile than trying to fix or sharing your own story.

Tip No. 5: Create a self care toolkit

It can be anything that works for you. This might look like taking a hike, reading a favorite book… but whatever it is it should leave you feeling full.

And as Clifton Strengths Coach, Stacy recommends using your strengths when navigating adversity. “My whole lenses is what you are good at” Through difficult times we learn what we are good at.

Stacy offers more information on her website.