Musical guest: “Gratitude” by Babie Eyes

Babie Eyes is a Duluth folk-pop band that is anchored by soulful and memorable songs.

Bassist and vocalist Ian Alexey explains, “We’re all about- kind of tying into the name of the band- Babie Eyes is all about seeing the world into new eyes and a fresh perspective. And our Album is called “See the World Through.”

As a part of 21 Days of Gratitude on The Lift, they shared their song appropriately titled “Gratitude.”

The song was written by lead vocalist Heidi Feroe told The Lift, “”I wrote it during the pandemic. I was working at a vaccine clinic at St. Luke’s and everyone who came through was so grateful. I was just an overwhelming feeling just hopefulness. I just shifted my perspective a lot.”

“Then also I was going on these walks with a friend who was diagnosed with late stage cancer. I was after ones of those walks that I wrote this song.”