Molly’s Random Acts of Poetry throughout October

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Molly Ovenden does poetry busking at Yellow Bike Café so her life has no shortage of ‘Random Acts of Poetry.’ However, throughout the month of October she’s helping others to celebrate just that.

There’s a jar by the register at the café with random poems from her book Poems for My People.

“It’s really about celebrating poetry and poets. People who are able to express those deep things and articulate those in words and be able to get those things out,” Molly tells us.

Here’s the poem Molly wrote for Kenny:

“Up North & In the Know”

By: Molly Ovenden

A ritual of pause beckons
One from deepest, busy sleep
A rhythm of dusk and dawn
Offers tastes of an inland sea…
Once diving into chill and Patient freedom, in waters
Welcome, though frigid, the rest…
The soul and the lake release
A new kind of speech…
These who know
That Lake air dream
Of conversations
Over coffee…
Of flowing creativity–
Waves inspire a certain kind of newness that redeems…
A generosity, a curiosity emits
Such a fragrance that floats
An amusing sort of relaxed
And prolific muse…
Upon that lightest, sweetest breeze,
Sipping nectars caffeinated,
Brewed with that sacred lake water…
Between waves of myriad gigs,
Never a dull moment
On these northern shores…
Once indulging in a drink
On these rolling breakers,
Whitecaps awake that commitment
To return and to realize connections
The North is the place
To delight, to get lost, then found,
To be know on the waters profound,
To wander among the woods and trees…

Come once, and you will return.
That fragrance of memory
Will call you to come again!