Mix Cosmetiques: Making your own lip balm

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Lanae Rhoads, owner of Mix Cosmetiques, makes custom, organic skincare, bodycare, and make up. Part of her work is teaching others to do the same. She tells us, “I run different workshops every single week so you can come in and make a different thing.”

This time she showed us how to make lip balm. She had Baihly start with measuring different ingredients: 4 grams of beeswax, 5 grams of soft butter, 3 grams of hard butters, and 8 grams of castor oil. Then you take these ingredients and put them in the wax melter. When it’s liquid you’ll want to add your favorite essential oils. It take only a few drops. Next you’ll want to take this liquid and poor it into an empty lip balm. When it cools, you’ll have the product.

“What’s great about this is you know exactly what’s in these. There’s no petroleum or byproducts in this. It’s totally edible. It’s safe for your skin. If your kid gets ahold of this, they can eat. It’s good for the planet,” Lanae explains.

You can find products and experiences on her website.