Minneapolis-based rapper PROF performing with Gucci Mane this weekend

Minneapolis-based rapper PROF performing with Gucci Mane this weekend

This Friday Gucci Mane will take the stage at the DECC Arena and performing with him is Minneapolis-based rapper PROF.

The Northland is getting ready for a night full of rap as Gucci Mane is performing at the DECC with PROF & DJ Sophia Eris Friday April 19th.

For Prof, performing at Duluth comes with a lot of pride. PROF is a Minneapolis-based rapper and artist who’s been in the industry since his 2006 album ‘Absolutely’.

“I have a pretty deep history with touring Duluth… I mean it’s close to Minneapolis. When I first started touring it was one of my first cities I came and developed a following in so. Yeah I’m hyped,” says PROF.

Recently in 2023 PROF released his latest album ‘Horse’ and this past march he released a single titled ‘Feed the Dogs’. Even with the recent material PROF still plans on introducing the DECC audience to new music.

“It’s an arena it’s going to be cracking,” says PROF, “I’m doing new songs, there’s a lot of new things going on and I’m excited for it.”

When asked about introducing fans to new songs in this way PROF says, “You only get one chance in your entire life, one opportunity, to hear a song for the first time. And I want to do that in Duluth. With a couple fun ones too.”

PROF is one rapper who’s not afraid to be out there with his music. And that includes all aspects of it including the music videos. He says he’s very involved in the planning of his music videos. Some of his more popular ones include ‘Squad Goals’, ‘Judy’, and ‘Tombstones’ which was shot in Minnesota.

PROF says, “It’s just really important to me to do something different. When I was raised the music videos were everything on MTV. And they are a dying art form right now. But it’s really important for me, if it really takes all this time and energy and money, it’s got to look different. It’s got to be eye catching, it’s got to be artistic, it’s got to be a statement. It’s got to have people go what? What the heck is this?”