Michelle explains Generosity Purpose

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Certified Financial Planner, Michelle Buria, helps us ring in the first of of our 21 Days Of Gratitude with a financial take. She introduces us to a concept called “Generosity Purpose.” It’s the idea that in order to make more money you have spend money. In the book Good Money, Derek Kinney talks about it as “Tying cash to a cause… money to a movement… and profits to a purpose.”

“We we look at is figuring out what that purpose is. It would be a shift in you attitude and having that be your primary focus,” Michelle explains that it wouldn’t be simply wanting to make money but rather putting the cause first. For example, I want to make sure all dogs can find loving homes. Michelle says it then becomes- “In order to do that, I need to make more money.”

It’s recommended that evaluate our values. Michelle explains, “I always think of it as, what keeps you up at night.” You’ll also want to start small and look for something that can help you shift your focus.