Less is more: Developing a minimalist mindset

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Ericka Boyum of Boyum by Design believes that living with less can help you make room for more joy. She explains, “Minimalism is unsubscribing to the idea that how much we own equates to our level of happiness.”

“For me it was an intentional way of living that really allowed me to identify what was important for me in my life.”

It can bring simplicity, freedom, and time.

She adopted the mindset about two years ago when she had her twins. Her 3 person family grew to a 5 people, living with a dog in a 1,200 sq. ft. home.

“We really had to make what we have work.”

Her first step is looking at the essentials. This is something she works people to do during her coaching sessions.

She also helps getting rid of the things you own because you forgot you had.