Learning to curl at the Duluth Curling Club

Curlers have been coming to the Duluth Curling Club to participate in the sport since the organization was first organized back in 1891.

The club’s building itself has been at the DECC since 1976 and features 8 sheets for curling. It has since hosted two World Championships, the US Olympic Trials, and numerous National events.

Curling is a sport that involved a lot of strategy. The goal of the game is to get your stones closer to the center of the target than your opponent.

U.S. National Team Curler Korey Dropkin says, “So the way we score is kind of like, similar to a bocce ball in a way. So you can have all eight red rocks in the house, but have one yellow rock that’s closest and yellow, which tells score one.”

And you get points by sliding your stone across the sheet. Around four players per team alternate between throwing the stones and sweeping the ice to manipulate where the stone goes on the ice.