Learning about the Say It Now movement

Say it now to show you care

The 'Say it now Movement' focuses on not waiting to show others that you care to help lift them up, and bring joy into your own lives.

Klear Water Coaching & Wellness’ Stacy Crawford is highlighting the Say it Now movement, “It’s based on the work of Walter Green who experienced a great deal of adversity and loss in his life. He felt the need to create a movement to share our feelings of gratitude with the significant people in our life.”

It’s detailed in Green’s book This is the Moment! and this podcast.

Here are Stacy’s key takeaways from his work:

No. 1: Don’t wait until it’s too late

No. 2: Our deep relationships are important and need nurturing

No. 3: Saying no to those that don’t feed our purpose

No. 4: Getting outside of ourselves and serving others is key

Other resources Stacy recommends:

Ted Talk: https://youtu.be/eCGd7ya7sUw?si=KnpXTCfkk0W3qb61

Website: https://www.justsayitnow.org/