Learning about the Lake Superior Estuarium

Learning at the Lake Superior Estuarium

On National Wisconsin Day, The Lift broadcast live from the Lake Superior Estuarium, 3 Marina Drive in Superior.

What does the Wisconsin Sea Grant do?

Wisconsin Sea Grant helps fund researchers and organizations to study our Great Lakes and ground water.

In honor of Wisconsin Day, The Lift hit the road to visit the Lake Superior Estuarium a place where learning and play happens.

Deanna Erickson of the Lake Superior Reserve says the Estuarium is the public facing part of the work that they do, “We are research; education with teachers, students, and community members; outreach to elected officials… We’re working on coastal erosion issues…”

People can explore the estuarium for free on the first and third Fridays, and first Saturdays of the month during the Winter.

River Talks also provide people a chance to learn about the Lake Superior Estuary.

These are hosted by the Wisconsin Sea Grant, which is a national program that focuses on inland seas too.

Marie Zhuikov, the Senior Science Communicator, explains, “We give funding to researchers across Wisconsin and to organization like the Lake Superior Reserve.