Indoor entertainment with Duluth Mom

Indoor activities from Duluth Mom

Andrea Jang provides some entertaining indoor activities for kids.

There is a Norwegian saying that goes: “There is no bad weather. Only bad clothing.” Andrea Jang of Duluth Mom does not buy that.

It’s why she’s come up with a list of indoor entertainment ideas for kids in the month ahead.

For example, bring your snowball fights indoors by ordering play snowballs online. Or you can’t go wrong with a dance party, Kids love to be the DJ.

‘Chores’ can also keep the kids busy. This might be shredding paper, giving each of your kids a dust cloth in contest to find the dustiest part of the house, or washing glass and windows (with just water and a cloth. )

But you can’t spend the entire winter at home, Local Libraries, Miller Hill Mall, Little Neetchers, Duluth Children’s Museum, Great Lakes Aquarium, Lake Superior Zoo, and local breweries/cideries have spaces for the kids.

Also, Andrea might be able to help plan your weekend for you. She gives a list of events you may want to check out every week on the Duluth Mom Instagram.