In Otter News: Tundra and Banks are waking up

Within the last couple weeks, Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears Tundra and Banks of the Lake Superior Zoo started waking up. It’s welcome news to zookeepers who say this is a sure sign that spring will come.

Lizzy Larsen Director of Animal Management says these bears start to need more food this time of year. During hibernation or torpor, they get about 2,000 calories a day. During the summer, consume a lot more and eat 15,000 calories daily.

Tundra and Banks weigh in at about 700lbs and this type of bear gets even bigger, up to a 1,000lbs. “Closer you get to the coast the larger the brown bear is going to be,” Lizzie explains.

“These guys are brown bears not technically considered grizzly bears. They certainly be called grizzly. Grizzly is more of just a slang term for a type of brown bear.” “Grizzly” bears are found more inland.