In Otter News: Rosie the Tarantula

In Otter News: Another visit with Rosie the Tarantula

The Lift gets up close and personal with Rosie the Tarantula at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Rosie is a Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula that lives at the Lake Superior Zoo.

She is an ambassador animal, meaning the zoo’s education department will take her out of her enclosure and on school visits.

They’ll learn thing like how tarantulas don’t spin webs. They do produce silk.

So when they dig burrows, they can make a support structure for silk that they can live in.

“Some tarantulas will lay down webbing as a sort of trip wire,” Lake Superior Zoo’s Dan Johnson explains.

“So when am animal touches the webbing. It creates a vibration that these guys can sense.”

Their hair is not for warmth like fur, but instead it’s a sensory organ.