In Otter News: Meet the Cougars

Cougars have one of the largest ranges of all kind of animal, meaning they’re found all across North America. They’re also known as pumas and mountain lions.

The two that live at the Lake Superior Zoo are named Olympia and Tacoma because they were born in the wild in the Washington. The brother and sister were orphaned at only a couple months old. Lizzie Larson, the Director of Animal Care, explains, “Cougars stay with their moms for about two years. The moms take care of them and give them food. They do everything for them. So if the mom does pass away, the baby cougars would not survive.” Luckily the Department of Natural resources were able to help find Olympia and Tacoma a home at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Tacoma is the larger on of the two, being the male. Olympia weighs between 80-100lbs- Tacoma weighs around 160 lbs.