In Otter News: Jeeps the Kinkajou

In Otter News: Jeeps the Kinkajou

Kinkajou are nocturnal animals and Jeeps is a rescue animal at the Lake Superior Zoo.

The Lake Superior Zoo’s Kinkajou is a rescue animal named Jeeps. Kinkajous are solitary and mostly come out at night, meaning you can find her in the nocturnal exhibits.

“A lot of people mistake her for like a monkey-think, but in reality, kinkajous are more closely related to raccoons,” Zookeeper Donald Hill tells The Lift.

Being a frugavore, her favorite food is bananas, which they use to train her.

Jeeps also has a prehensile tail.

“She can hang from it if she wants to,” Hill notes. “It acts like a fifth limb so she can try to grab onto stuff while she’s moving around.”