In Otter News: Felix the Lynx

In Otter News: Felix the Lynx

Felix the Lynx loves to play with carrots, and we think it's adorable.

Felix is an Eurasian Lynx that lives at The Lake Superior Zoo. She’s 15 years old, so that’s pretty old for a cat her size but she’s still pretty lively.

“We like to give her a lot on enrichment to keep her active, keep her body moving and those muscles loose,” Lizzie Larsen, the Director of Animal Management at the Zoo, says that she loves to play.

One of her favorites is a carrot even though she’s a carnivore. She doesn’t eat it. Just plays with it.

The quail she does eat, and her keeps hang it from a tree so she is able to catch it herself. This is one of her favorite snacks.