In Otter News: Diving in the duck pond

In Otter News: Ducks

We learn about ducks at the Great Lakes Aquarium

The ducks at the Great Lakes Aquarium aren’t going anywhere for winter, each has a story of how they ended up in the care of humans, but they do serve as excellent representatives of their species.

There are two kinds of ducks at the aquarium: wood ducks and mallards. Both head in different directions when it’s time to head South for the winter.

“Migratory patterns of birds are absolutely baffling. Scientist do a lot of studies on like how to they know because it’s not like they have google maps.,” Danielle Tikalsky, the Volunteer and Engagement Manager of GLA, tells us. “They have it hard wired already in their brain.

Much of where they go is based on the animal’s needs. Within the duck world, there are many types like both diving and wood ducks.