In Otter News: Crush the Snapping Turtle

In Otter News: Meet Crush

Crush is a snapping turtle, and he is single.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re featuring the Crush the Common Snapping turtle. He’s one the oldest and most eligible bachelors at the great lakes aquarium.

“He gets a lot of buzz. A lot of people are very interested in him, and he gets a lot of attention.”

Daniel Tikalsky the Volunteer and Engagement Manger says they believe he is between 50-70 years old, leaning on the older side.

That’s based on what they can tell from his size. Danielle notes that he’s gotten bigger during the time that he’s lived at the aquarium.

“They get kind of a bad rap for being these terrible monsters. And they’re bite is so strong,” Danielle explains. “In the water, they’re actually quite docile so you probably wouldn’t even realize he was there if you were in that lake.”

Their long neck is what helps them grab that food. Snapping Turtles’ shells are fused to their spine, which is different than turtles. “Over time they evolved into this way to protect themselves because they can’t hide.”