In Otter News: Cedar the Opossum

In Otter News: Possum vs. Opossum

In Otter News: Possum vs. Opossum

Cedar is a one-year-old Virginia Opossum who lives at The Great Lakes Aquarium.

“We usually don’t see opossums out around the wild because they’re pretty nocturnal. So it’s kind of neat to get this opportunity to get a close look,” Natalie Riemer, an Animal Care Specialist, tells us.

With 50 teeth, opossums have the most teeth of any North American animal. He’s also the only marsupial found on the continent: “Females will have the pouch that can carry around all those babies.”

Natalie also notes the difference between Possum and Opossum. “Possums are found in Australia,” Natalie explains.