In Otter News: Bogey the Eagle

Bogey the Bald Eagle is the longtime resident at the Great Lakes Aquarium. He’s been there since the Aquarium opened in the year 2000. They rescued him from Alaska. “He’s really unique in the way that he always appears to be startled- that and his flying kicks are little funny,” Daniele Tikalsky the Volunteer and Engagement Manager tells us.

“There was a time when Eagle populations dropped dramatically, and we were very unsure if they would come back. There was a lot of great work done and a lot of great legislation passed. Eventually through all those efforts we say those populations come back,” Danielle tells us is one of America’s best conservation stories.

Bogey and his roommate Horace the Turkey Vulture both just moved in to a new exhibit that has one of the best views in the whole city of Bentleyville. “Raptors have amazing visions. They have way more cones in their eyes than we do so they can pick up on colors a lot more easily than we can do.” A Bald Eagle has 25 vision- which means what we can see at 5 feet. Eagles can see at 20 feet. “It’s very curious to think about what he can see when Bentleyville goes on,” Danielle tells us.