In Otter News: Bob the Ball Python

In Otter News: Bob the Ball Python

Bob is a surrendered pet at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

Bob the Ball Python is a surrendered pet who now resides at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

“Sometimes the the staff will affectionately call him Robert depending on how he is that day,” Danielle Tikalsky, the Volunteer & Engagement Manager explains.

This kind of python is known for being “docile” says Danielle . “They’re not too aggressive or anything like that. So they’re very common in the pet world.”

They don’t get too big either. Ball Pythons will grow between 3 – 6 ft.

“Ball pythons are constrictors. That’s going to change a lot of how they behave. So with snakes, the two main ways they get their prey is either by constriction, or using some sort of venom or toxin.”

Because of this, Ball Pythons are super strong. Their bodies are mostly muscle.

Bob is a picky eater. He is also known as a diva among aquarium staff because he will only eat live mice, rather than frozen like the other animals.