In Otter News: Bears eat giant pumpkins

In Otter News: Getting to eat the pumpkins

Giant pumpkins used as decorations become toys and food for Tundra and Banks at the Lake Superior Zoo.

Halloween has come and gone, and the Lake Superior Zoo is giving their leftover 300 lbs. pumpkins to the bears.

“These boys to be able to play with, destroy, eat, basically whatever they want to do, and then all of the keepers get to clean up the mess the next day,” Lizzy Larson of the Lake Superior Zoo explains.

Tundra and Banks are weighing in at their heaviest, between 800-900 lbs., as they gear up for torpor season.

“They are going to be kind of bedding down, getting into their little den spot on exhibit where they are going to be cuddling up and staying warm.”