Human Development Center helping Northlanders struggling with mental health

Human Development Center brings light to people in our community

Brad Holder stopped by The Lift to talk about the programs being offered by the Human Development Center.

The Human Development Center has been serving the community for over 80 years when it comes to mental health resources.

The program is a certified community behavioral health clinic. “We see it as an integrated approach,” says Recovery Director Brad Hoder, “If you look at mental health or substance use, it’s, it’s never just a face value problem.”

Hoder says that they try to shake off the stigma of chemical dependency. Recently the HDC has developed a men’s and women’s group for those that are struggling with addiction.

“You know, it’s one thing to come in and, and be in a group of your peers and learn from each other. But most of these folks are missing a part of that community. And so how can we tie that back in? And make that a part of their lives again,” says Brad.

If you are struggling with mental health or substance abuse the best thing you can do is just reach out. You can find out more information about the Human Development Center by clicking here.

Adding on to that Hoder says, I promise after that first question, the hard part, everything- it gets a little bit easier.”