How to talk about money around the holiday dinner table

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Michelle Buria, Certified Financial Planner from Choreo, tells us this holiday season is the one where we should welcome conversations about money around the dinner table, “For some reason money has always been a topic that we’re told to shy away from.”

But talking about money is actually a good way to teach kids about good financial habits. Michelle suggest we start with sharing successes: “You go around the table and talk about goals you’ve achieved… from a financial aspect. Maybe you’ve got a raise, maybe you’ve got a bonus, maybe you have new responsibilities at work. Or maybe even share that- finally I’ve saved enough money to go on the trip I’ve been talking about.” These should not be overwhelming- but rather encouraging.

We’ve discussed charitable giving on The Lift quite a bit, but it might be time to bring this discussion to dinner table. “It’s a fantastic way during the holidays, sitting around the table with your family and friends, right? And you talk about things that are important to you. If you’re charitably inclined to talk about the organizations that you’ve been supporting,” Michelle adds that this conversation can teach what young kids to think about the causes that are important to them.

Lastly Michelle suggest playing money games- and no, she doesn’t mean gambling. She’s suggesting a good-old family game night- with games that have a financial aspect to them. “It’s all about those fun games that teach or have a money moment,” Michelle tells us.