How to get a raise

How to ask for a raise?

Nikki Karnowski drops by the Lift set to explain the best ways to approach getting a raise.

If you think you need a raise, you’re not alone. You join the 80% of Americans who feel like they deserve a raise, but half of those feel unsure or fearful about how to ask.

Nikki Karnowski of Metamorphosis Coaching, Consulting & Training says that a lot of it comes down to timing, “We shouldn’t be afraid to broach if we do it in the right way.”

It’s better to do this ahead of an annual review, and when you do have this conversation, bring the numbers and a list of the way you have impacted the company/team.

She warns that walking in and demanding a raise is not going to work.

Nikki’s other advice is to be specific with what you want and be willing to do the work.

However, if things don’t go the way you want. Be prepared to weigh your options and potentially walk away from the job if you don’t feel appreciated.