How to eat healthily during the holidays

Balancing holiday meals with your health

Jamie Jensen of Progress Over Perfect Coaching says to stay focused and plan ahead by starting a calendar of events and meals.

Eating well over the holidays can be a challenge, but Jaime Jensen of Progress Over Perfect Coaching shares hear approach to problems many of us face during the holidays.

There’s too many parties and events to plan.”

Write down all your events, how many are there? Maybe 6 or 8? We make it seem like it’s the whole month when it’s actually only a few.

31 days in December-you eat three meals a day that’s 93 meals– of those you have 6 maybe that aren’t routine.

So 93% are normal and the majority of the month is routine.

“There are too many yummy foods people force you to eat!”

Yes, holiday foods taste good and people show their love with food, but

You can still plan what is worth your stomach space.

Create a protocol for your stomach-it’s a VIP.

For example, A store-bought cookie is not making it past the red ropes of my stomach, but a family favorite only available once a year is!

Plan one sweet a day, that way if someone brings in something worth it, you stay on plan and enjoy it, if not, don’t eat it or bring home.

Remember: No body forces you to eat

Don’t lie to yourself.

You’re the only one stuffing your mouth! Grandma isn’t force feeding you. Take the leftovers and plan them for tomorrow or give them to someone else or toss them on the way home.

“I always end up feeling so sick after the holidays.”

Avoid that feeling by sticking to your routine. Drink extra water, plan your day’s meals, move your body, only eat when hungry. The entire month doesn’t have to be a holiday.