How social media impacts mental health

Social media v. mental health

Watch for signs that social media is taking over in your life. Do you overuse the platforms? Do you have fear of missing out?

It’s not surprising to us that social media isn’t all puppies and sunshine- Mary Morehouse of Insight Counseling explains the signs social media use isn’t healthy.

“Social media is not all good or not all bad,” she explained to The Lift.

New research says overuse of social media is when it become problematic, which impacts about 12% of the adolescent population.

“There is correlation with anxiety, depression, insomnia… things like that,” Mary adds that if you or your teenage struggles with those mental health concerns it may be time to dial back how much you’re using social media.

Mary recommends making the healthier the easier choice. Take the apps off your phone if you needs to or switch back to a regular clock.

But it starts with becoming aware of your social media use, “When am I using it? Why am I using it? Is it fill a void? Is it because I’m bored? Is it to find out what I’m missing- a little FOMO?”