Hit the trails with these hiking challenges

Hit the trails with these hiking challenges

Take a hiking challenge - set a number of miles or days that you are hiking.

If you’re looking ahead to warmer weather, Sarah Glesner, or @sarah_upnorth on Instagram, suggests that outdoors enthusiasts try a hiking challenge or two.

No. 1: Superior Hiking Trail Challenge

Superior Hiking Trail invites you to hike 50 miles of any part of the trail. Submit on the honor system to receive at patch.

No. 2: Trailfitters Trail Challenge

This challenge gives you nine trails of varying difficulty to complete within about 6 weeks.

Challenge is very popular and takes place during peak hiking season.

No. 3: North Country Trail Challenge

The North Country Trail challenges you to complete any 100 miles to receive a patch.

No. 4: State Park Hiking Club- Scenic State Park

No. 5: State Park Hiking Club- Blue Mounds State Park

Go a Minnesota State Park Office to purchase a passport for the Hiking Club. You’ll find a list of hiking trails. Complete these to find “passwords,” and log your miles to earn patches.

Sarah recommends Scenic and Blue Mounds State Parks.

No. 6: 52 Hike Challenge

Decide what level of difficulty you want your trails to be and set out to complete 52 hikes in a year, averaging one per a week.