Healthy ways to barbecue

Summer grilling tips from a dietitian

Looking for ways to eat healthier at the lake? The number one grilling tip is to think outside the box.

Good news: Grilling can be a healthy way to cook if you do it right.

As Memorial Day weekend approaches, Brenda Schwerdt, a registered dietitian from St. Luke’s, is sharing her ideas.

She says it starts with a lean protein, chicken, fish, turkey, learn beef/pork, or tofu. Then pair it with a whole grain bun.

Be wary of processed foods. It’s easy for sodium and fat to add up. Swap for a sodium-free rub and lean cuts of meat. Sometimes you can trim that fat off yourself.

You can swap out some of the usual barbecue sides, like chips. Brenda says that veggies and fruits are s must.

Sticking to the proper portions sizes can be another key to success.